Discovery Science Toys – Top 5 Educational Gifts For Boys This Christmas Under $35

Gift the gift of discovery and education with a selection from the awesome range of discovery science toys this Christmas. There are so many toys available for Christmas that it can be difficult to select something that will hold your child’s interest for more than a day or week at the most. Why not get them an educational discovery science toy that they will want to play with over and over again. When choosing for my 5 year old I will select toys with educational value over the latest must have Hot Wheels or Buzz Lightyear product! Who knows what he will be interested in next year but science, investigation and exploration with a discovery science toy will always hold his interest. Ok, so will probably still get him something Lightning McQueen as Cars is his favourite movie of all time!I have chosen my pick for this year’s Top 5 discovery science toys for boys aged 5 years and over from over 1000′s of products available.Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue – The Antworks Habitat (clear acrylic ant habitat) and the Antworks Illuminator are all included in the one box. The LED illuminator is removable and has a power adaptor. Kit includes the nutrient gel, a magnifying glass, an extreme zoom lens, ant catching/tunnel starting tool as well as an instruction booklet with interesting facts about ants. Tip: the ants are not included so you need to get this in advance and use the enclosed order form to get your ants in time for Christmas. Antworks is based upon a 2003 NASA Space Shuttle experiment to study ants in zero-gravity.Discovery Kids Dual Vision Night Goggles – Sneak around in the dark like a spy with these Discovery Kids dual vision night goggles in cool camouflage print. See in the dark with these goggles that feature 2 unique modes: green night vision and flashlights. There are 4 super bright LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) included.Tedco Discovery Pak – Whether your kid is a science whiz or simply curious about the physical world, this variety pack which includes a Chandler Gyroscope, a Crystal Light Prism and a Magna-Trix set, can lead to hours of fascinating discoveries. The gyroscope is a precision instrument that spins like a top on a tiny pivot, seeming to defy gravity just to keep its position in space. The light crystal can be used to separate white light into a rainbow of colours or to create a periscope for looking around corners. With the Magna-Trix set you can learn to make magnets float in space. Instructions and accessories are enclosed to discover Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of gravity.The Magic School Bus: Soaring into Flight – The Magic School Bus and Ms. Frizzle take young scientists soaring into flight with twelve experiments. Youngsters can build a balloon-jet, experiment with parachutes, make a spinner soar, create the ultimate paper airplane, make paper magically rise, move floating ping pong balls, collapse a juice box, fly a glider, lift off rockets, and more. Tip: kit comes with all supplies needed (except for common household items) and a detailed manual with guidance for parents – so read before giving and have items on hand for at least one experiment on Christmas Day! Fascinations World Alive Worm Observatory – Discover the life-cycle of earthworms and learn how to care for them. Earthworms are important for the soil because by digging and tunnelling below the surface, they help to mix-up the layers by moving nutrients and air around. Watch worms tunnel, eat and reproduce in the habitat. Worm Kit includes: habitat, sand, substrate, magnifying glass, feeding pipette and tweezers but you are encouraged to source your worms locally!My hot tips:1. Don’t wait until November or December to buy Christmas gifts – get them during the year and hide them, that way you can take advantage of special offers, sales and save yourself some money this Christmas. If you forget about them (as sometimes happens to me when I hide them too well), bring them out for birthdays, rainy days or just something special!2. Get a great reference book to go with each of these gifts e.g. books about ants and worms for the habitats, books about spy gadgets for the vision goggles, flight and gravity books for the experiment kits – this adds even more educational value to the gift you are giving.3. Christmas gifts need not be expensive – this Top 5 are all priced under $35!

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