Airline Travel Tips

Our number one airline travel tip is: Check in early!Airlines require domestic travelers to check-in 1 hour prior to departure. International flights require a 2 hour check-in. If you do not arrive on time and if the flights are overbooked, the possibility exists that your seat will be given away. In addition, there will be a greater opportunity when you arrive early to have your name on the “top of the list” for an upgrade.Be aware that some airlines have restricted carry on luggage policies. For example:Northwest – Maximum check-in is two and carryon luggage is limited to one piece plus a purse/briefcase/laptop computer for all flights. First class international is allowed two carry on items.American/TWA – Check one and carryon two or check two and carryon one.Delta – Check one and carry-on two or check two and carry-on one.Southwest – Check up to three and carryon two.United – One carryon in economy and two in business/first class.USAir – Carryon twoContinental – Carryon twoStore your carryon luggage in the compartment across from you so you can keep an eye on it.Be sure to carry photo identification.Be aware of Safe Harbors emergency service telephone number (International / domestic) This will help you with questions concerning your ticket or itinerary changes. The number is printed on all itineraries. Calling the airline directly can cause confusion and be costly.Never make enemies or be abrasive with airline ticket agents or gate agents. Regardless of the situation, most people are more than accommodating when approached with respect.Travel ReservationsDo not make a reservation with an airline directly. They will not have all of your company data accessible including your discounted rates, frequent flier numbers, travel preferences, travel policy information and payment procedures. They will only give you their information not competing information where the agency will.When a travel reservation is made with Safe Harbors, your confirmation number for your flight, hotel room and car is your guarantee! If you arrive at any of these counters and they claim that you do not have a reservation, chance has it that they are trying to sell you a higher priced car, hotel room and airline reservation. This is a common practice for these vendors to recreate a reservation so that a commission will not have to be paid and that last minute availability is achieved, resulting in a higher fare/rate. If this should happen, be assertive and demand the guaranteed rate/fare is utilized on the confirmed itinerary from Safe Harbors.

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